And Cut!

Man, This week was not a good week for me. I wasn’t able to start anything for any assignment until Sunday afternoon and thus I didn’t actually get anything done. I took a look at the two analysis assignments we had to do for the week and was able to get those done. I actually enjoyed looking at and listening to a scene to try and analyze how the visual and audio elements of it make the whole scene come together. I learned a good bit about looking at a scene to determine what the elements are meant to convey to the audience using Ebert’s tips.

I know that my storytelling definitely didn’t improve from last week. That make’s me sad. I’d very much have liked to have gotten to complete more assignments. I was able to complete all my daily creates for the week, squeaking out enough time to get four of those done. This week was a hefty step backwards and I hope that it isn’t a hefty step off a cliff.

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