Next Time, I Wouldn’t Bring Damon

The scene starts with the crew in the background of the shot as they move towards the camera and start moving from left to right,both of these changes are in the positive direction. This is meant to set up the scene as a good thing they are moving towards. Once they are in the shop and talking with someone Matt Damon’s character is constantly put in the left side of the screen with the person they are talking with center right of the screen. This positioning shows that the other person holds some form of importance. The lighting of the scene also adds a sense of gravity to the meeting, while Brad Pitt, George Clooney and the other person are all highlighted with red light and dark backgrounds, Damon’s character is less red and has a background out the window of the shop to bright daylight, a contrast that could imply some form of his character being out of place among the group. After the meeting the three of them are shown leaving the shop moving from right to left, in a negative direction, indicating that the meeting didn’t go well or something bad is about to happen.

Analyzing the audio we start with the characters of Clooney and Pitt rattling off multiple points at a fast pace. After the quick pep talk we are moved into a point halfway through a joke from the unknown person. The joke is concluded with some fake laughter. Whether this laughter is nervous or forced is unknown. Immediately after the forced laughter, the scene goes quiet and the only thing heard is the sounds of a cafe in the background. Next is some quiet, poetic quotes back and forth as some form of unknown code is passed between the parties of thieves. Once Damon’s character recites some poem the scene goes silent indicating some misstep on his part. Next we hear the party leave the cafe and Damon is told that he somehow managed to insult their contacts niece. The scene ends with Damon’s character being told that he is to stay here.

Combining the visual and audio we can get the full story of what happens. They trio of Clooney, Pitt, and Damon are walking up the street talking about what Damon specifically should and shouldn’t do at the meeting. In the cafe we again hear the end of a joke and the forced laughter of the group until Damon eventually joins the laughing and everyone stops once they’ve all laughed. The conversation turns to business as the contact puts it and the odd coded phrases are passed back and forth while Damon is quiet and unsure of what to do until their contact looks to Damon for the next piece of the conversation. He quotes, nervously, a poem and the entire group false silent as their contact stares down Damon and Clooney and Pitt look at him stunned like they don’t can’t believe he said that. Once the Clooney and Pitt leave the cafe to rejoin with Damon, who apparently had been sent outside to wait, it is revealed that he insulted their contacts niece and that Damon’s going to stay outside.

With only parts of the scene at a time the story was lacking, with just the visual we couldn’t hear what was being said or how it was being said. The part with Damon insulting the niece was completely absent. The sense that the meeting didn’t go well was still there but it wasn’t clear. With just the audio we couldn’t see the reactions of the people, until we were told what happened in the cafe we didn’t know that the contact looked so angry or that Clooney and Pitt looked so shocked by Damon. Only once we put both the visual and the audio together did we get the full weight of the scene.

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